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Roof terraces, Tiles, slates, photovoltaics but also carpentry, zinc work and insulation.


Tiled roofs are a great standard for Kelly Projets using this material on the vast majority of the roofs in the Languedoc.

Kelly Projets’ roofers are experts in all the different traditional tiles and even photovoltaic tiles. They are capable of adapting to any type of tile and our important stock on site enables quick and efficient repairs. Roofs in the Languedoc are (nearly) always tiled roofs, so a good knowledge of this material is compulsary.


Kelly Projets’ roofers are able to carry on any kind of work with slates.

With time Kelly Projets’ roofers have achieved works on any type of roof, slate roofs are obviously part of our skills and we have worked on very large roofs with this material.


Zinc work is a big part of roofing; this technique is of course mastered by all the roofers/zinc workers at Kelly Projets.


Kelly Projets can help you reduce your energy bills thanks to a qualitative insulation.

Nowadays quality insulation is essential, it can allow you to reduce your heating or air conditioning bills. However, in the future a good insulation will be an asset for your house as norms are more and more strict and demanding.

Roof terrace

Roof terraces have become a must have and a classic in village houses in the Languedoc, building a roof terrace is part of our basic skills and we build about 10 roof terraces each year. We are specialised in roof terrace on old village house. You can see some of our roof terrace jobs in Marseillan, and in the Languedoc.

No need to have a villa outside the village to benefit from the sun. Roof terraces can be realised on almost any type of building and are very well integrated into it. Moreover, a roof terrace will surely add value to your house. See some examples of our achievements in the portfolio.

Photovoltaic roof

Kelly Projets can also take care of your entire solar-panel equipment (photovoltaics tiles) in order to cut on your energy bills and reduce your impact on the environment.

This new service by Kelly Projets is affordable for everyone and is a clever investment for the future. All the electricity produced by your equipment is sold back to EDF at a very interesting price. Furthermore, our region is one the sunniest in France so your solar panels will work 100%. Kelly Projets takes care of everything for you: putting in the panels, roof/panels connections, electric connections and all the paperwork.


Raymond Kelly has a very good knowledge of creating, renovating and maintenance of all roof structures.

Indeed, for many years the quality, the professionalism and the reliability of the Kelly Projets roofers/carpenters craft men is acknowledged by everyone. They are able to intervene on any type of roofs : traditional, metallic…But also to realise all the treatments against insects with a total agreement with insurance companies.

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